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By admin On venerdì, Novembre 9th, 2012

New SARS May Be Genetically Engineered Experiment Derived From Bat Flu

Susan Posel – A new case of the new SARS virus has been confirmed out of the Gulf region in Saudi Arabia. An unidentified patient admitted into a hospital displayed symptoms of “pneumonia caused by the More...

By admin On mercoledì, Ottobre 24th, 2012

Meningitis Infections and Contaminated Mixed Drugs Mask Reemergence of Polio Virus

Susanne Posel – An estimated 14,000 people in the US are at risk for having contracted meningitis for having a steroid injection that has caused a nationwide outbreak from contaminated mixed drugs, called More...

By admin On giovedì, Settembre 20th, 2012

Engineered Viruses Created in Government Labs Validate Mass Vaccinations

Canadian researchers have concluded that the H1N1 flu shot is more dangerous than the flu it purports to protect against. The timing of this study’s release coincided with North American and certain part of Europe More...