Analysis of the Occult Symbols Found on the Bank of America Murals

The Vigilant Citizen – Prominently displayed in the lobby of the Bank of America’s Corporate Center are “creepy” frescoes, filled with occult symbols. Even more unsettling is the fact that those images seem to predict events of a radical world change in the not-so-distant future. Are those murals predicting the coming of an occult New World More...

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Harvard creates ‘Beautiful’, Self-assembled Nanoflowers to better ‘Understand’ Nature

Sebastian Anthony – The “beautiful flowers” that you see above, and dotted throughout the rest of this story, are around 25 micrometers tall and 10 micrometers wide. A strand of human hair, in More...

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May 25 ‘March Against Monsanto’ planned for over 30 countries

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Emilie Rensink Media Facilitator March Against Monsanto (317) 643-1677 May 25 ‘March Against Monsanto’ planned for over 30 countries SEATTLE, More...

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Stanford Creates Biological Transistors, the Final Step Towards Computers Inside Living Cells

Sebastian Anthony – Bioengineers at Stanford University have created the first biological transistor made from genetic materials: DNA and RNA. Dubbed the “transcriptor,” this biological transistor is More...

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Illuminati Agenda on World Planning & Depopulation

Illuminati Agenda Currently, the illuminati agenda is a kind of world planning in which the population would be massively cut back in order to create a more pristine environment for the 500 million or so that remain. Researcher More...

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Vatican Calls for World Government and a New World Order

Andrew Puhanic – The leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI, has called for the establishment of World Government and a New World Order. In a speech made at the Pontifical Council for Justice and More...

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History: Happy Birthday, Illuminati.

What may be the longest-running conspiracy theory in American history began on Sunday morning May 9, 1798, when the Reverend Jedidah Morse electrified and terrified his parishioners at the Congregationalist First More...

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Tavistock Institute Of Human Relations

(layer of the ‘Committee of 300’)  This group was formed at Oxford University, London, by the Royal Institute of Of International Affairs in 1922. Major John Rawlings Reese, a British Army technician, More...