Iran warns Iraq Against inspecting Planes

PressTV – Iran’s Ambassador to Baghdad Hassan Danaeifar has warned against the consequences of Iraq’s inspection of a Syria-bound Iranian cargo plane, saying Tehran would reciprocate the move in case of its recurrence. On October 2, Iraq stopped and inspected a Damascus-bound Iran Air cargo plane from Tehran upon the illegal request of More...

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Mega-Bank’s Plan to Steal Your Money and Blame Fake Muslim Cyber Attack

Susanne Posel September 27, 2012 Senator and self-proclaimed Zionist Joseph Lieberman declared that it was Iran who cyber-attacked Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase in 2011 and began with more frequency this More...

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Global Elite Racing To Enslave Us Before Mass Awakening

Friday September 21, 2012 Los Angeles, Ca – Today on The Pete Santilli Show: Pete is back from the Euro Zone with special guest Susanne Posel and David Lory Vanderbeek. Susanne Posel, of, More...

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CIA-Sponsored Taliban and al-Qaeda Resurface in the Theater of False Flags

The theater that is the war on terror has reached new heights as the CIA-sponsored Taliban have announced they will focus strategies on high-profile assaults. This plays into the agenda of the global Elite and More...