IMF’s Epic Plan to Conjure Away Debt and Dethrone Bankers

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard – One could slash private debt by 100pc of GDP, boost growth, stabilize prices, and dethrone bankers all at the same time. It could be done cleanly and painlessly, by legislative command, far more quickly than anybody imagined. The conjuring trick is to replace our system of private bank-created money — roughly 97pc More...

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Greece Is Not Poor – It Actually Has Massive Uptapped Reserves Of Gold, Oil And Natural Gas

It turns out that the poster child for the European debt crisis is not actually poor at all.  In fact, the truth is that the nation of Greece is sitting on absolutely massive untapped reserves of gold, oil and More...

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EU Bank Seeking to Set Up Office in China

Liu Jia – The European Investment Bank has decided to expand its presence in China by opening a representative office in Beijing, according to Werner Hoyer, the bank’s president. Hoyer, who stepped into More...

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Leave Eurozone, Swedish Finance Minister advises Greece

PressTV – Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg has said that exiting the eurozone would be “better” for Greece. “If it had to leave the eurozone, it would probably find its competitiveness once again, More...

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US Intelligence Committee Claims Chinese Corporations Are National Security Threat

Susanne Posel – The US House Intelligence Committee (USHIC) is warning American corporations in a new report against conducting business with 2 Chinese firms because of national security threats. Both Huawei More...

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Oh Boy: The New Der Spiegel Cover Warns About Inflation

Just based on the cover, we’re already nervous about reading the new feature  story in influential German magazine Der Spiegel. Der Spiegel And the sub-headline is about the ongoing expropriation of Germany. More...

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McGrath: “You Better Look at Reality… and Understand What’s Coming Next”

Mac Slavo Everywhere we look the masses are hurting. Whether it be the 100 million Americans dependent on the government safety net to survive, or the millions of Europeans rioting in the streets of Spain and Greece, More...

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Bad Bankers Warned: Repent or Go to Jail

The Independent – Britain’s new chief financial policeman has issued a stark message to the City of London: “We have barely got started.” In an exclusive interview with The Independent, More...