Chomsky warns about Growing threat of Nuclear War in 2014

Famous American linguist, philosopher and political commentator Noam Chomsky alerts that the world is rushing towards “environmental catastrophe” and “nuclear war” in 2014. PakalertPress – Answering a query in an interview with about the modern issues which particularly concerns him, the scholar responded to that there are two More...

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May 25 ‘March Against Monsanto’ planned for over 30 countries

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Emilie Rensink Media Facilitator March Against Monsanto (317) 643-1677 May 25 ‘March Against Monsanto’ planned for over 30 countries SEATTLE, More...

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Illuminati Agenda on World Planning & Depopulation

Illuminati Agenda Currently, the illuminati agenda is a kind of world planning in which the population would be massively cut back in order to create a more pristine environment for the 500 million or so that remain. Researcher More...

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30 Population Control Quotes That Show That The Elite Truly Believe That Humans Are A Plague Upon The Earth

The Truth – There is a clear consensus among the global elite that overpopulation is the primary cause of the most important problems that the world is facing and that something desperately needs to be done More...

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Monsanto’s Latest Poison: The Dangers of Dicamba

GRTV – On the heels of California’s Proposition 37 and the national debate over genetically engineered (GE) food, pesticide companies are continuing to push to legalize new types of GE crops linked with More...

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New SARS May Be Genetically Engineered Experiment Derived From Bat Flu

Susan Posel – A new case of the new SARS virus has been confirmed out of the Gulf region in Saudi Arabia. An unidentified patient admitted into a hospital displayed symptoms of “pneumonia caused by the More...

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Monsanto Presents: Aspartame

NaturalNews – View the attached photo for an infographic from the WildAlchemist blog. For years, people have been using Nutrasweet and equal, (aka Aspartame) in replace of table sugar, and trading in their More...

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Former NASA Scientist Says “Western Lifestyle” Allows For Global Population Of 500 Million Max

Jurriaan Maessen – DeWayne Cecil, a former NASA climatologist, has argued recently on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Radio Talk Show that the earth cannot support more than 500 million people if the current “western” More...