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Sheriffs are Key to Protecting Americans from Unconstitutional Gun Laws


sheriffNaturalNews – Local sheriffs are the preeminent legal authority in the country  and have the power, by constitutional design, to prevent or refuse enforcement  of federal statutes which violate the U.S. Constitution or their oaths of  office, according to one former sheriff who has battled the Feds over gun laws  and won.

Richard Mack, the one-time sheriff of Graham County, Ariz., said  in a recent interview with that he joined with  then-Rivalli County Sheriff Jay Printz in a successful lawsuit against the  federal government during President Clinton’s terms during the 1990s to oppose  provisions of the Brady Bill gun-control law.

Since winning that battle,  Mack has been a leader in the movement emphasizing the roles and  responsibilities of local sheriffs. And now that gun control is once again at  the forefront of domestic policy, both inside the Obama White House and  Congress, Mack says once more that hope remains in local law  enforcement.

‘I hope and pray sheriffs won’t allow anymore gun  control

Gun control is illegal, and it’s against the Constitution,” Mack said, noting that the process of opposing such mandates and laws is not a complicated process. “What people don’t realize is that the Second Amendment was designed to protect us from the power of the federal government.”

Mack  said he expects elected county sheriffs across the country to defend the rights  of their constituents.

I hope and pray America’s sheriffs won’t allow  anymore gun control. The sheriffs need to be united  in letting the federal government know that we’re not going to allow it,” he  told WND.

In the ’90s when I was the sheriff of Graham County,  Ariz., we worked with other sheriffs and stopped two or three Brady Bills,” he  said, a legal battle he talks about in seminars with sheriffs.

The office  of county sheriff is  crucial, Mack says, not just because it is a law enforcement position but  because it is an elected law enforcement position, making sheriffs  directly answerable to the people they serve.

Out of 200 sheriffs with  whom I’ve met,” Mack told WND, “I’ve only had one give me a wishy washy  answer. That one said he would try to take the federal government to court. Most  of them have said they would lay down their lives first rather than allow any  more federal control. They also said they would do everything they could to stop  gun control and gun  confiscation.”

That same sentiment appears to be generally shared among  law enforcement personnel, some of whom shared it recently with  NaturalNews founder and Editor Mike Adams. In discussing whether they  would follow federal orders to confiscate guns, one retired police captain said  such an order would be “a suicide mission” and that most cops would simply  resign on the spot rather than carry it out (

Local sheriffs are  empowered with much more authority than many think

But Mack was about  more than just protecting his constituents from unconstitutional gun  laws.

Per Alan Stang over at

While Richard Mack was  sheriff of Graham County, Ariz., a bridge washed out. Parents had to drive  twenty-six miles to get their kids to school half a mile across the river. But  the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wouldn’t fix it. First they had to do an  “environmental impact study,” to replace a bridge already there. They were in no  hurry. The study would take a mere ten years. The people’s suffering reached the  board of supervisors. The board voted to dredge the river and fix the bridge.  The feds warned that they would be fined $50,000 per day if they tried. The  supervisors hesitated. Sheriff Mack promised them and the workers protection and  pledged to call out a posse for the purpose if necessary. They built the bridge  and the Corps of Engineers faded. The board never paid a dime.

The  point Mack is making is that, constitutionally, local sheriffs have much more  power than they are given credit, and as such serve as Americans’ last, best  line of defense against federal tyranny.

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