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Countdown to the End of the World? Don’t be Snookered by Mayan calendar Prophecy


NaturalNews – The world will end in 16 days, we’ve been told. That’s when the  Mayan calendar runs out,” causing us all to cease to exist, the story  goes.
It’s hoopla, of course. I guarantee we will still be here on  December 22nd, and if I’m wrong and the universe really does come to an end,  then, well, you can shoot me or something.

Sure, there may be some  strange things happening on or around December 21st. Many people are using the  Mayan calendar transition to engage in meditation marathons in order to  focus on universal peace and similar vibrations. That’s all fine and good. No  harm in some healthy meditation…

Other people suspect that governments  might actually use the day to stage something nefarious, thereby preying on the  uncertainty and fear that already exists as the day approaches. This is a  legitimate possibility, so if anything does happen on December 21st or 22nd, the  first question to ask is: “Did the government stage this?

The danger of investing your intention in false prophecy

There’s always some prophecy, it seems, warning that the end of the world is  arriving on a specific date. Last year I remember a few people posting on  Facebook, frantically begging me to write about an approaching comet (or secret  planet, I don’t remember which) that was going to collide with the Earth and  destroy us all.

I never covered the topic, of course. And here we still  are, amazingly.
But some people really, seriously believe in the latest  prophecy fad and as a result they plan their lives around the belief that  nothing will exist beyond December 21st. This does not resonate well with life  tasks such as financial planning. Some people are spending away all their credit  cards right now under the assumption that they won’t have to pay anything back  since we will all be destroyed on the magical Mayan  calendar day.

That approach to debt spending is really going to suck  on December 23rd or whenever the bill comes due. In fact, it may feel a  lot like the end of the world when you realize you prematurely quit your job and  spent away a whole lot of money you didn’t even have (and now have to pay it  back without the benefit of a trillion-dollar government bailout). 

There are legitimate threats to our world, but the Mayan calendar isn't one of them

Doomsday is actually approaching, by the way, and there are lots of ways in  which our current human civilization is utterly unsustainable.

There are  legitimate threats to our civilization from GMOs (genetic pollution), the  pillaging of natural resources, loss of top soils, the polluting of the oceans,  rampant infertility caused by synthetic chemicals, and even threats from  hare-brained scientific experiments that could theoretically create black holes  which consume the entire planet.

None of those are fiction; they’re very  real. And on top of that, there’s also the coming debt collapse which won’t  actually destroy the world but will make you wish it had been destroyed due to  the rampant poverty and starvation it will likely unleash.

But even with  these real, legitimate threats, that’s no reason to live your life as if it’s  all coming to an end, because in truth nobody knows the timetables on these  things. The economic collapse, for example, could happen tonight or maybe in ten  years. It’s hard to tell exactly when things will reach a point of collapse. So  while it’s smart to be prepared for the unexpected, it’s not prudent to allow  your entire existence to be dominated by the thought that it’s all coming to an  end on a specific calendar date.

Unless  God himself broadcasts a multilingual message from the heavens that announces a  specific time and date that he’s going to “end the simulation” and close the  cosmos, you would be wise to stay on course with your life and not bet all your  cards on a prophecy  dreamed up by ancient humans who hadn’t even developed an alphabet yet.

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