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The Fiscal Cliff – This is the End My Friend

The mainstream propaganda machine is now moving into its next production which will intensify through the fraudulent election cycle right up until the final crash of our economy.  Behold the new slogans, “Clock ticking towards fiscal cliff; still no fix from DC”, “Report: Fiscal cliff could cause stock market correction”, “Battle over government spending intensifying as election nears”, and “Taxpayers on edge as fiscal cliff nears”.

Henry Shivley – Well I guess we should be on edge as this is the end of the world as we know it.  If things go ahead as planned, every member of the 99% will have $3600 less to spend in the coming year.  And this is not counting the $2600 penalty for those making too much to get free health care but too little to purchase it privately, thanks to Obamacare. It is really quite interesting as the great debate over the upcoming catastrophe in the realms of problems and solutions remains unchanged.

We can’t cut military spending as the world will see us as weak and we will lose millions of jobs.

The filthy rich, the job creators (who not only do not create jobs but are busily outsourcing the few we have left) must not only be allowed to keep their tax cut, but must have further tax cuts so they may feel secure to create more jobs… (in other countries).

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid cannot be maintained because almost half of the $5 trillion surplus has already been stolen and the rest is needed to finance the invasion into Iran.  There are just not enough people working and paying into the system to pay for those not working and living off of the system.  But would this be the case if 100 million of us had not lost our jobs and been removed from the work force and the whole $5 trillion surplus in Social Security was still actually in the lock box and the dollar was worth something?

It is fun to look at the hypocrisy and the assertions being made as to solutions to the problems.  But then that damnable old reality just keeps pushing everything aside to step up front and center.

On January 1, 2013 the biggest tax hike since the New Deal is going to be slammed down on the table.  By that day, $320 billion more in toxic derivatives will have heaped up as debt on the backs of the American people, through QE3 into eternity and the separate $85 billion per month swap of tangible notes up to December for even more toxic derivatives.

The only way the complete crash of the US economy and the fiat dollar could be stopped is through a 100% deletion of the fraudulent debt.  Any other assertion is a mathematical impossibility and a bald faced lie.  But just like in 2008 the so called economic experts will continue to lie until the maximum damage is done, by which time they will have slithered back into the shadows with the real wealth they have accumulated through their deceit.

For those of you contemplating moving out of the United States and putting your debt dollars into other currencies, well good riddance.  And turning your back on your country is not going to save you.  You see the US dollar is not only a world currency it is the world currency.  This crash will result in a world depression.

So to all of you who have already left or are getting ready to leave, enjoy your struggle to survive through a depression in a foreign land, and know you will not be coming back to the United States, which will be the first to recover because we still are the resource richest country on Planet Earth.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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