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Former NASA Scientist Says “Western Lifestyle” Allows For Global Population Of 500 Million Max


Jurriaan MaessenDeWayne Cecil, a former NASA climatologist, has argued recently on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Radio Talk Show that the earth cannot support more than 500 million people if the current “western” lifestyles persist. He also stressed that population control and fresh water resource management are “top global priorities”.

Dr. Cecil, who was a researcher for both NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, currently works for the alarmist National Climatic Data Center in Ashville, North Carolina.

Although dr. Cecil, who specializes in climatic data, acknowledges that the question whether humans are responsible for climate change has not been answered definitively, he expressed his concern that “Earth can only sustain a half-billion people in a “Western” consumption oriented lifestyle”.

As I related in a recent article the number of 500 million has been fixed by both demographers and ecologists as “optimum population size” over the last century.

Cecil told radio host Sharon Kleyne:

We can predict weather fairly accurately to about ten days in advance,” says Dr. Cecil, “but our ability predict weather over two to 20 years is less accurate. Predicting weather and climate, which tells us the availability and distribution of water, is essential to agricultural production, population growth and movement, health, and quality of life.”

Dr. Cecil also elaborated on signs of past climate change observed on other Mars. As dr. Cecil explained Mars explorer Curiosity has discovered a type of surface basalt “with a high water content indicative of a former oceanic floor. Mars also shows evidence of past water erosion and polar ice caps.”

The abovementioned signs of climate change are probably not due to human activity- alien activity perhaps, although as far as I know no great carbon dioxide-spilling factories have yet been observed on the red planet.

Another ex-NASA guy named James Lovelock teamed up with fellow eco-fascists Paul Ehrlich and Hansen to call for massive reduction of human numbers in the name of the earth. In a statement earlier this year r issued by the three stooges titled Environment and Development Challenges: The Imperative to Act the fiends call for a global implementation of population policies. To effectively implement these policies the authors propose rights being infringed upon in order to address what they call “the population issue”:

The population issue should be urgently addressed by education and empowerment of women, including in the work-force and in rights, ownership and inheritance; health care of children and the elderly; and making modern contraception accessible to all.”, they write.

We of course know perfectly well what they mean by “health care of children and the elderly”. We have recently seen the terrible results of health care for children in the eugenicists’ model-state of China.

Decrying that “funding (for worldwide fertility control) decreased by 30% between 1995 and 2008, not least as a result of legislative pressure from the religious right in the USA and elsewhere”, the authors call for “education and planning needed to foster and achieve a sustainable human population and lifestyles.”

There we have it again. Our lifestyle accommodates a limited population- preferably one not exceeding 500 million. Lovelock and co. are less specific on the optimum population size than his former colleague Cecil, they just state:

Globally, we must find better means to agree and implement measures to achieve collective goals.”

Finally, in a dramatic turn the band of eugenic brothers turn to the old Malthusian trick of scaring the children into action:

In the face of an absolutely unprecedented emergency, society has no choice but to take dramatic action to avert a collapse of civilization. Either we will change our ways and build an entirely new kind of global society, or they will be changed for us.”

These eco-fascists clearly stop at nothing as they attempt to terrorize the world into accepting their envisioned “global society.” Never forget that this society is not some peaceful vision by a couple of goodhearted environmentalists. All three have revealed themselves to be eugenicists who only seize upon a (in this case imagined) calamity in order to establish world government.

God forbid it will ever come to pass. Now yet another ex-NASA employee comes forward and offers us a glimpse of the desired number at which the global population must be fixed.

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